Tattoo Aftercare

Thank you for choosing Dark Letter Tattoo to make your body more beautiful. Below is our suggested aftercare instructions. Please keep in mind that every body is different, and you know your body best.

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  1. REMOVE – Carefully remove the bandage that your artist covered your tattoo with after 24 hours (the longer you leave on your bandage the better your tattoo will heal).
  2. WASH – After removing the bandage, immediately wash your tattoo with a mild soap. DO NOT use anything abrasive (washcloth, bath towel, sponge, or loofah). We recommend washing your tattoo with your bare hands (wash your hands before touching your tattoo).
  3. APPLY – Once the Tattoo is dry apply Aquaphor or other tattoo healing ointment. Apply a thin layer and rub it in, then remove the excess with a clean paper towel (dab, do not rub).
  4. REPEAT – Repeat this process once per day for the first 2-3 days. After the initial healing process is finished, you may switch to an unscented, dye free lotion.
  5. Fresh tattoos will weep blood and plasma for the first couple of days. Do not allow this weeping to dry, this will cause scabbing.
  6. Once per day is sufficient when washing your tattoo. Contact your artist if you plant to do any strenuous activity within the first 10 days of having your tattoo. Be careful not to apply too much lotion as this may cause acne-like break outs.
  7. Wear loose, cotton clothing over your tattoo. The tattoo does not need to be re-bandaged except in rare instances. Tight clothing, bra straps, or waistbands may cause issues with healing.
  8. Do not worry if you see flakes of ink as your tattoo heals, this is completely normal. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO. Keep your tattoo moisturized to prevent any scabbing.
  9. If you have ANY questions about healing your tattoo, Contact Us.