Dark Letter Tattoo is a Veteran and Indigenous Owned Private Studio in beautiful Tumwater, Washington.

Our History
Dark Letter Tattoo started many years before its inception. It began as an idea in “Diabolus Tattoo Atelier” back in 2011, a failed attempt in “Black Gate Tattoo” in 2017, and finally evolved into “Dark Letter Tattoo” in late 2019. Since Cody began his apprenticeship back in Minnesota in 2009 his dream was to open his own studio. After years of planning, countless setbacks, Cody opened Dark Letter Tattoo in the winter of 2019.

Our Mission
Dark Letter Tattoo’s mission is to provide the best possible tattoo experience for our clients. We can’t make your tattoo less painful, but we can make getting it more simple. 

Our Goals
Dark Letter Tattoo’s goals not in any particular order:

  • Give back to the community through charities and fundraisers
  • Remove the stigma associated with tattoo studios
  • Create a welcoming and friendly environment.
  • Educate the masses with proper tattoo knowledge.
  • Make great tattoos.
  • World Domination.

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