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March 2021

Happy Daylight Savings! 

Despite the first few disorienting days, the clocks changing is usually a sign of good things to come: more sun, more fun, and hopefully more tattoos! Spring equinox is just around the corner and with that we say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” We’re making some changes here and there around the studio, especially in Cody’s tattoo space so keep an eye to the Instagram if you’re interested in seeing those updates, behind-the-scenes photos and lots of tattoo pics. 

Good Problems

Have you got extra money burning a hole in your pocket? We can help you out with that! Check out Cody’s massive new Flash drop, with over 60 new designs! Don’t forget, you can always purchase and book your Flash tattoo right from our website. He’s been working hard on his Futurama designs, which are going for a flat rate of $200 a piece. There’s also still lots of Pokémon that he’s looking to cross off his list: Pick your favorite and then pick your day and time to come in! 

$20 Gift Certificate?

Did you know that you can get a free gift certificate for $20 off your next tattoo? All you have to do is put one of our awesome Moon Drop logo stickers anywhere on the back of your car and we’ll give you the gift certificate for free! The vinyl decal stickers are weather-proof and will be damage free when removed. 

Community Outreach 

We are always looking to our customers for direction on meaningful ways that we can impact our community for the better and we’ve had a few ideas brought to our attention recently! Cody has done cover-up free of charge in the past for survivors of abuse and trafficking and we would like to continue to offer that service. If you or someone you know was tattooed under coercion or as a means of control, we would love to work with them  (EMAIL LINK HERE) and find a way to make their tattoo into something that brings them joy! 

Thank you Folks!

We are so grateful to our community and our clients for choosing us to be tattooed with! We know you have lots of amazing artists and studios to choose from and we appreciate each time we get to see your beautiful, shining faces! From our online booking feature to our in-house ambience, we’re striving to provide you with ease and comfort at every turn. Our ultimate goal is creating a tattoo experience that is as enjoyable and pain-free as possible for each one of our clients!